Rocker Pods Install
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Rocker Pods Install

1. Rocker Pods come supplied with Stainless Steel Fasteners, Powder Coated Steel Brackets and Spacers
2. Tools Required to Install Rocker Pods
3. Mic searching for the right tool to remove the body bolts
4. Remove the front middle and rear body bolts
5. If you are replacing the factory body bolts MAKE SURE YOU USE THE MANUFACTURER RECOMENDED GRADE
6. Install the supplied brackets and leave them slightly loose

7. Do the same for the front, middle and rear
8. With the 3 brackets loosely in placewe are ready to transfer the mounting holes to the Rocker Pods
9. BUT first, Time to install the optional mud flap (do this before you adjust the height of theRocker Pods)
10. We will need a Transfer Punch Set
11. Using a transfer punch mark the 4 holes onto the front face of the Rocker Pod
12. Drill 4 clearance holes to suit the supplied fasteners
13. Attach the mud flap REMEMBER to use a small amount of anti-seize on the screws
14. With the mud flap installed Roughly adjust the height and positionof the pods relative to the rocker panel
15. Once you are satisfied that the height and locationare good, you can mark the slots and outer edges of the brackets (DO NOT MARK THE HOLE YET)
16. Mark outside edge of brackets
17. Use a transfer punch to mark the center of the slots
18. Slot is marked with a marker and center punch
19. Using a standard punch re-punch the marked holes for better drill guidance
20. After Re-punching the slot position
21. Use a smaller drill aprox. 3/16 to drill a pilot hole
22. After all holes have been drilled with the pilot drill, we now drill the 9/16 clearance holes
23. After all the holes have been drill we can now assemble the Rocker Pods and do the final adjustments with using the provided spacers
24. A little anti-seize compound on the stainless fasteners will prevent the nut from seizing. Antiseizing isa MUST when using stainless fasteners
25. Adjust the height along theslots and distance from the rocker panel with the provided spacers
26. Check for door and tire clearance
27. The ground clearance we had with the factory tube steps 14.5
28.After installing the Rocker Pods, ground clearance on the stock Dodge 3500 is about 2.5 inches less than with the factory tube steps
29. Did we forget to mention that ANTI-SEIZEis required for all fasteners
30. Once the position of the Rocker Pods is finalized we can now mark the remaining 9-16 holes on the brackets
31. Again we can use the transfer punch, you may need to loosen one bracket at a time in order to positionthe spacer with the hole on the bracket
32. Bracket with spacer
33. After all the holes have been marked, we now drill the Rocker Pods for final assembly
34. Last hole is done and we are almost ready for final installation
35. The Rocker Pods are now attached to the brackets with all screws
36. All bolts are tightened
37. After all the screws have been re-checked (Including the body mount bolts) we are ready for a test drive

38. We've dropped about 2-3 inches in ground clearance, but gained almost 7 cubic feet of storage

39. Many configurations available
40. Cab only Rocker Pods
41. Rocker Pods shown in Black Sandtex Powder Coat Finish
42. Close the door its COLD!
43. Time to go get lunch

check out his installation

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Rocker Pods Install